Armrest table

Upholstered armrest
Lead time 8 weeks

Ergonomic upholstered armrest with a removable, foldable table.

Product features:

  • tilt angle adjustment
  • removable top!
  • material: plastic, metal, artificial leather
  • screwed to the seat backrest
  • black colour
  • armrest dimensions: length 37cm, width 6.5cm, height 9cm
  • table top dimensions: length 24.5 cm, width 37.5 cm, height 1.5 cm


A functional armrest with a table, perfect for long journeys and for a moment of rest. The universal installation kit will allow you to equip any car seat. You receive appropriate adapters for Taxi, Adventure and Comfort seats.

Podłokietnik regulowany, tapicerowany z rozkładanym stolikiem