Swivel single seat

Seat swivel
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Driver or passenger single seat swivel.

Installing the driver's seat swivel requires the use of handbrake adapters. Their type depends on the vehicle model. Check our offer.


Driver or passenger seat swivel. The product has been tested in accordance with ECE regulations for categories M1 and N1 and has all the necessary certificates. The lightweight structure, which is made of high-strength steel, is characterized by high stiffness and stability while driving. The sliding mechanism used in the product allows the seat to be rotated very easily in the cabin and guarantees high quality of use. Product available for vehicles: Mercedes Sprinter, Fiat Ducato, Ford Transit, Mercedes Vito, Ford Custom, Volkswagen Crafter, Renault Traffic and many others.

A new model of the chair swivel:

  •    Larger space makes it easier to install the seat harness
  •  Swivel seat base for driver or passenger
  •  Tested in accordance with ECE regulations for categories M1 and N1

Dedicated to various vehicles

Additional accessories:

  •  Handbrake cover made of ecological leather
  •   Handbrake adapter

 For seats with height adjustment, you will need to raise the seat height to allow the seat to swivel without the casing catching on the base. If you have a plastic handbrake cover, you may need to remove it and replace it with our upholstery cover. The plastic covers of the seat bases may also require adaptation - modification on your own.

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