Ultra-light modular furniture MB Vito

Ultra-light furniture set for Mercedes Vito. The set consists of a kitchen module and a wardrobe module.

The kitchen consists of a spacious cabinet and space for a refrigerator. Countertop with a cutout for the sink.

The wardrobe is a combination of spacious compartments and drawers.

Furniture made of ultra-light XPS and HPL material.

Set color: GRAY Pfleiderer U12290MP

Countertop color: WOOD Resopal 4439-60

Color inside the set: WHITE Duropal 001

Set weight:

The set does not include accessories.

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Vanequipped cabinets are lightweight and durable. We've designed them to maximize circulation space in the van and optimized to ensure your van's weight distribution is balanced.

Ultralekkie meble modułowe MB Vito